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With my hands I can…

Published on September 9, 2010 under Uncategorized

>Today has been a good day. Our day was more like what all of our days will be like when we are “established” in our routines. Does that mean it was perfect ? No… We had wet pants, spilled milk, hitting and ears that were not ready to listen . Even on good days ” STUFF” happens. That is how we learn.

Hands…. helping hands and hurting hands. We talked about what we use our hands for. Then we made a chart . We use charts a lot to compare. Since the children can’t read yet I usually use different colors and a happy face or sad face or other picture to help them discern which side is which. After deciding what goes where we also usually do a little math here. Which side looks like it has more ( estimation ) . Let’s count them ! ( counting ) The children also made a book with their own handprints.
BUNNY EARS! with our sorters.
We wash our hands!

There are scholastic book orders in your cubbies. If you would like to order, please cut out the form, fill it in, attach a check or cash and bring it in by Tuesday.
If anyone has grandparents coming that have not told me yet… now is the time !
Thanks !

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