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I Have An AMAZING Body

Published on September 7, 2010 under Amazing Bodies


Today was our Monday. As expected, some of the kids came in a little clingy, but after a three day weekend early in a new school year that was expected. Soon everyone was playing and having a good time. My day started with me not feeling so hot and headed to the doctor. Ms Jodie was here to play for the day . ( The doctor told me what I expected that I had strep to gargle with salt water and continue antibiotics that another doctor had given me on Sunday. )
This week we will be talking a lot about our amazing bodies and the things we can do. Here is a picture of Ms Jodie looking at the lap top with a small group. They are looking at pictures I have already taken of them this year and finding ways they use their bodies. Such as : Look, there’s Emeri and she’s using her hands to beat on a drum.

I just love this picture of the boys . Working together at it’s best..

Cohen was upset when his mommy left this morning, It didnt take long until we had THIS SMILE!

We could do a year long unit on pets and the children would be happy. They LOVE acting like puppy dogs and kitty cats .
Other things they did today was in circle time they sang ” Head , Shoulders , Knees and Toes”
After they got good at that Ms Jodie changed it to ” Wrist, Ankle, Forehead, Heel ” Whew… I bet that was tough . After just doing their assessments , there are the body parts that most children do not know the names of. Maybe someone should write a song about that. Hey… I know someone that writes songs! 🙂


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