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Quack !

Published on April 14, 2010 under farm


We have talked a lot about things that happen in Spring. It rains. Plants grow. Today we talked about new animals being born in the spring. I have an excellent book called ” The little Duck ” that shows the life cycle of a duck. It is about a little boy that find a duck egg and raises it to be his friend.

We played a duck game that was a lot of fun.
We also played ” pick up a duck” . This game is a lot like the one you can play at the county fair . I wrote letters and numbers on the bottom of the ducks and floated them in water. As the children took turns picking the ducks up, they would tell me what letter or number they got. For some of the younger ones, I just asked ” was it a letter or a number.”

You can see some of the children got the basket of ducks and started making their own game. I see some sorting by color going on !

This is Jaxson. His mom , Jodie has been working for me while I take my mom to the doctor. When I called her today to tell her ” Thank you” she reminded me how much she loves working with the children. She said ” When I got there I had just got in from the dentist and my allergies were terrible, but one hug from one of the children and I felt better. ” Jodie, that’s how I feel too. Thanks for filling in for me. 🙂


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