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Power Words and the book ” Water”

Published on April 13, 2010 under Als Pals


One of the activities we did today was from the book called ” Water” by Frank Asch . The books talks about the many places we find water – in a waterfall and in a salty tear. The art in this book is amazing. My sister in law also does family child care and she took and painted one scene ( the boy with the tear drop ) on her bathroom wall. It is beautiful. After reading the book together I put out the water colors and set the book on a stand.

And this is what I got !

Tinkerbell Audrey showed up today in a tutu. So moms, if your little girl starts begging to wear a tutu to school you know who to blame – Devin. 🙂 Can she wear a tutu to school ? SURE! I dont like to tell you what to dress your child in. Everyone has individual taste and Audrey LOVES dressing up. Just know that we get dirty– very dirty. We paint ( sometimes even ourselves ) . You have to admit, she’s pretty cute.

Randy helped the kids play bells today. I got these bells out of pure nostalgia. When I was a child my church had them. Today Randy set them in numerical order ( there are numbers on the bells ) and had them ring the bell when he pointed to them.. They really played a song. He is so talented. Some of the boys asked for them first and as he handed the bells to them, he said ” that’s a minor triad. ” hmm…

Kynley got all dolled up and asked me to take her picture.

During circle time we talked about ” Power Words.” Words that can make a person happy or sad. We talked about situations that we could chose to say ” the RIGHT thing.” We decorated posters that say ” Please , Thank you, Excuse Me and I like… ” We hung them up as a reminder that we have the power to make someone happy or sad.


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