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Fun in the Sun

Published on April 15, 2010 under 5 senses


What a fun day ! Today we took off to the park around 9:30 and returned home at 11:30 . Before leaving home we read ” The Listening Walk” . As we walked to the park we listened for things around us. But that wasn’t the highlight. The Park … a child’s place of peace.

We ran into some of our friends there. Katie’s mom was at the library and came over to visit. And Rhonda, who’s little boy Orrin will be with us next year was there too.

Monkeys in a cage.

Lots of energy !

We saw ducks at the park ! BONUS! Remember… yesterday we talked about ducks !

” Ms. Debbie, can we play in the sand box ?” SURE! If you ever wondered why sand and water play is needed in a preschool setting , look at the pictures. The kids love the sensory of sand. The love it in their hands and on their feet. The would feel under the top layer and talk about how cool it was.

Some days, you just have to ditch your plans and LIVE. Today, we did.


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