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Here comes Peter Cotton Tail

Published on April 1, 2010 under Easter


We had a very special visitor today – Rajah. Rajah is the lion head rabbit pet of Audrey, Keegan and Devin. Devin brought it by to visit us this morning. The kids were so excited. Before Rjah got here we read the story of Peter Rabbit. It was so funny, the kids were appalled that Peter didn’t obey his mother. Then we discussed ” safe rabbit rules.” We decided that only petting him with one hand would be best. Audrey had told us if we squeeze him he will bite. So.. no squeezing with one hand! 🙂

After Rajah left we played outside for a LONG time. This winter has been pretty tough so we took advantage of the great weather.

Randy put this little tunnel ( PVC ) over the kids trike path. The kids like it and I like the concept but I would like it to ” look” a little more natural or whimsical or SOMETHING for the yard. Any ideas?
Tomorrow is our egg hunt. The kids will be hunting eggs at 2:30. They do not need to bring baskets , we are making them. ( If the kids tell you I am turning into a rabbit you might need to know this story. I am painting the cans the kids will be decorating tomorrow for the egg hunt. I got white spray paint on my hands and wrists. One of the kids came over and asked me why my hand was white. Something possessed me just to look at the child and say ” Got a carrot?” The child looked at me funny. I proceeded to tell them I MIGHT be turning into a rabbit. I even took it so far as to hop when I started to walk away. The kids loved it and you should have seen the looks I got. Several of the kids were quite curious and came over many times to ask questions. It was only later I realized today was Aprils Fools Day. I guess that was a good one. )
Another great day.. almost in the can. 🙂


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