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Good Friday Fun !

Published on April 2, 2010 under Easter


Good Friday was a GREAT day…
Music with the shaker eggs.

We dyed Easter Eggs.

We decorated our Easter Baskets.
We hunted eggs in our neighbors yard. Anna and her mom had made us goodie bags!
Jaxson had a LOT of eggs.

Geneviette looking REALLY close…

Dee gave a few hints. She helped hide eggs. Thanks Dee !

Great picture of Jaden !

Some of our learning activities today…

The kids helped me stuff more eggs this morning.
We had a LOT !
Enjoy some videos from our day.


  1. Bev

    I personally don't address it. Easter, for daycare purposes, is an adjective we put in front of eggs, bunny and candy. Now, as far as my family and sunday school class goes, it's a whole different story. I avoid the religious part of any holiday with the kids, as I don't know the religious beliefs of any of the families. As I don't advertise myself as being a Christian daycare, I don't feel comfortable bringing that in. However, I do know that they all celebrate the secular parts, so we just have fun with that.

  2. Sarah

    I don't address it either. We do a strictly secular Easter. However, the one book that I could find that explained St. Patrick's Day in simple terms said that St. Patrick "told the Irish people about God." My kids didn't bat an eye.

  3. Anonymous

    Talking about Easter and beliefs… when a child asks a specific question about a Christian celebration I give a straight forward answer. I never avoid the topic because I wouldn't avoid answering any other question. I do the same thing whenever a group of children (at lunch for example) start talking about God and they share something with me, and it is usually simple but sound doctrine, I assure them that what they say is the truth. There is a meaning for Easter and even if not every person share the belief the meaning and relevance is still Christian. RM

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