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Wild Wednesday

Published on April 1, 2010 under Easter


Can I just say I am EXHAUSTED tonight ? I had FOUR doctors appointments today – count them… FOUR! Two for me and two appointments were my moms. I had another visit for this allergic reaction I have going on around my eyes. I would say we are at this point playing – let’s take a stab at what Debbie has… I am sick of messing with it. I will probably be makeup less again tomorrow as I let my eyes rest and heal.
BEFORE I left for the tour of doctors today we had already accomplished a lot. In small groups we talked about bunnies hopping and we measured how far we each could hop jumping off the bottom step. We used a non-standard measure ( a block ) to measure the distance. The kids love this type of fun. I noticed after I was finished with one group they continued but got a ruler to measure. Smart kiddos!

We used the Weekly Reader today to learn about eggs and what hatches from them. We also explored a broken egg .
Randy had a fun impromptu singalong .

GG used one of our sorters to make rabbit ears.

Dillion enjoying the light table.

Lacing a bunny rabbit
The rabbit heads we made Monday and the carrot was the orange collage we worked on yesterday.

As I left Ms Jodie was showing the kids this cool real live feed from an owls nest. Here !
Enjoy this two video’s I took before I left. One is Whitlee and Jaden singing one of our new favorite spring songs. The other video is Randy singing with the kids


  1. Michelle

    I love to teach with themes, like you it gives me a reason to change out my material and make the environment more interesting to the kids. I agree though, that I use it as a starting point for other skills that I want the kids to explore. Themes can be fun…

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