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It Look Like Spilt Milk

Published on April 16, 2010 under outdoor play


Today we did a science experiment ! We took very hot water and put it in a glass. Then we put ice cubes on a metal tray to cover the opening. Our goal was to make ” rain” inside the glass. It did SOMEWHAT… not as good as I had hoped but enough that the kids got to see the droplets form.

We also read the book ” It Looked Like Spilt Milk.” This is a book explores the many different shapes of clouds. Do you remember as a child lying on the ground and staring at the clouds to see what you could ” find” in them? Take some times this weekend and do that with your child. We did an activity after reading the book. We took white paint and put it in the middle of two sheets of paper and folded it in half and SQUEEZED it . After opening it up we talked about what the ” cloud ” shape looks like .

We also used mini mashmellows to create !

I worked until 9:30 weeding my garden last night . The children enjoyed it today.

Randy out together this water pump so the kids can access water any time for play.

I believe children’s areas should not only be functional and cohesive with learning but also beautiful. Randy and I have been busy adding whimsy all over !

Look grandma ! I got my hair cut ! 🙂 ( Katie’s grandma in Tennessee is one of my faithful blog followers and I wanted to treat her with Katies new do ! )


  1. Michelle

    What a wonderful idea with the flowers!! You always have such great activities for your kids. Love them!! I love your new sink! It is so much easier to have a sink in the room. And love the curtain!! So much to see in your room today… glad I'm back!!!

  2. Jessica

    You know you are NEVER, EVER ever allowed to take down this site, with all these pictures and videos. You know that right? NEVER! I love the flower garden! Clara came in here and talked me through all the pictures. Danny has spikey hair. Where's me again? Where's Clara again? 🙂

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