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All things that creep , crawl and fly

Published on April 19, 2010 under Art


Happy Monday! I love when I change out units and the children are so involved in exploring all the new things ! About half way through the morning Randy said, ” It sure doesnt sound like there are 15 kids in here !” Yes, I know. If you rotate materials enough to keep the children engaged , your potential for classroom problems drops dramatically. This weekend I changed out all the spring stuff for BUGS! The boys had put up with the flowers and the like for far too long… and they are loving the change. Below you can see a bee hard at work. There is also a dragon. Geneviette came early this morning and found this costume. She had already seen the table set up for bugs so she questioned ” why do you have a dragon if we are talking about bugs?” hmm.. I dont know, I just LIKE him ! 🙂

Tone those fine motor skills by sorting paper clips and attaching them to the matching foam book mark.
Ellen, Anna’s mom gave me these boxes a while back. The kids have been playing with them a lot. I had Randy attach them to the wall in the loft. The one is a little high for them to reach while sitting so it will be adjusted, but they love them up there. They take tiny figures and pretend to their hearts content.

Caterpillar self help teacher ! ZIPPING, TYING AND BUTTONING !
The butterfly tray is numbered and Anna is picking bugs out of the cricket box and placing the correct number in each section.
Check out the butterfly near my plant!
The Little Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly.
Even boys want to do puzzles if they are magnetic !
I wonder what they are up to ?
Clara enjoying some alone time.
Today we read the book, I Love Bugs. Then we took large cut outs of bugs and sorted them by how they move – flying or crawling.
Then they made the cutest bugs out of playdoh, chenelle stems and googly eyes.

During outside time , Randy took the kids on a bug hunt .

I would say we had a pretty busy day. In the middle of all that, the Health Department came in for an inspection. We did fine. Whew.. is it time to be off yet? 🙂


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