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inch by Inch

Published on April 20, 2010 under Bugs


Our day started off so peaceful. Little moments like the one below.

We made pretend chocolate chip cookies.
We rode an imaginary train !
We also made a book today. It is a book called Color Bugs. Rarely do we do this type of activity but I do think it is important ever once in a while. I used this activity to assess color naming skills, fine motor, following directions …. Since the children are not asked to sit and do this type of work often, they really enjoyed it.
We read ” Inch by Inch” by Leo Lionni today. I showed the children an inch on a ruler. We talked about measuring things. We used the terms ruler , tap measure and yard stick. When I was explaining yard stick I used te example of going outside to play in the….. and since we just created a garden, – most of them said garden. So, now we have a ruler , a tape measure and a garden stick. 🙂
Audrey’s dad , grandpa and cousin stopped by to bring a walking stick for us to see. How nice of them to think of us !
And then the old traditional favorite of the kids… Herman the Worm.

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