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Leprechauns Everywhere!

Published on March 15, 2010 under cooking with kids


I had fun over the weekend going through my St Patricks Day resources and deciding what to put out. For some reason I just LOVE the St Patricks Day activities. Maybe it is the bright green after such a cold white winter that energizes me, I dont know. The picture above is one of the games I have out for the week. There is a grid with black pots. The plate holds the gold. The child rolls the dice and covers up the correct number of black pots until the page is full. Randy sat with the kids for a while and made it a little more challenging by adding a timer. He worked with them to try and get all the pots filled with gold before the timer went off.
This is green shredded paper. I got it on the Easter section at Walmart. In it are hid tiny pieces of gold for the children to find.
Sorting small, medium and large shamrocks
Color matching with paint chips. I hot glued the chips to clothes pins so not only are they matching but getting in some fine motor exercise as well.
Green Spronges for painting.

Some of our fun we had today !

Mr Randy does a few tricks- like a leprechaun!

The kids taking turns on trick number 2 – The hillbilly wallet.

Still playing tricks Mr Randy took white powder and added white milk and it turned green. I think it is lucky leprechaun powder. ( Hint – the off brand pistachio pudding has GREEN power, not much of a trick there. Thankfully , we had some Jello Brand Pistachio Pudding mix that was white. ) The kids were amazed ! We will have some of this with snack !

We all got a turn to stir !
This math lesson today, kind of bombed. I am not sure why or what happened…
The idea was to take tokens and have the children count them, close the folder and say the magic words ( with the magic wand made from a NEW fly swatter with ribbon attached ) , open and count again. They obviously see that there are still the same number of tokens. Then.. you change the arrangement of the tokens and go through all the steps again. It is to reinforce the idea that even though the tokens have moved and look different in the folder, you count them and the number is the same. The kids were not impressed. I could see them looking at me like… this is NOT fun.

This is a fun path game that I got off the Pre-kinders website. She has some great ideas. The kids loved this game. We played four at a time during small groups. The idea was to go around the path and if you landed on a shamrock you took a shamrock card from the middle – until they were all gone. LOTS of one on one correlation in this game.
Video of one of the magic tricks Randy did.


  1. Michelle

    Wow, your days seem so busy and fun filled!! I loved the homemade book and little Miss Leprechaun with the hat!! We are busy making a Friends Who Do You See? book!!

  2. Teacher Tom

    What a lot of St. Patrick's fun! You know, we've never really done much around this holiday probably because the only associations I really have with it are anxiety about making sure I was wearing green in order to avoid being pinched! I guess it's about time I got over it, huh? =)

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