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You thought I wasnt posting huh?

Published on March 17, 2010 under colors


What a busy day! Today I had a training in Fayetteville and today was also my mom’s 69th birthday. What that all makes for is a very busy day. It is 10:10 pm and I am just now settling down to blog our day. I havent missed a day yet this year ( may….be one? ) and don’t want to start now .I know many of my parents read what we do each day and that makes me feel so great. I was kind of on the other side of the fence today. After being gone all day, I picked up Geneviette from her moms to take her to dinner with mom ( her great grandmother ) for her birthday. I knew what all had went on today since I write the lesson plans, so I started talking. What did you talk about today? Who did you play with? Did you eat cupcakes? What was snack?

One of the favorite places today was the Mr Potato head family.. the kids loved it !
I told Sharae I LOVED her shirt, it reminded me of the lesson we learned earlier on the week about ” shades of green.”
Notice Jaden using the timer like Randy did yesterday? Sometimes we need to model what we want kids to do to extend their learning experiences.
More Potato fun!
Everyone got a chance to play St Patricks Day BINGO!
Last night I took out the puzzle with all the locks on it…. Sharae is really experimenting to see what will open those doors.
The kids have learned to do an Irish Jig this week. SOOO cute! This is how we have started circle time every day for the past two weeks. In circle time today we also graphed what kind of potato we like most – french fries, mashed , or potato chips. They played hot potato again, which they LOVE , and they read ” Twas the Night Before St Patricks Day.”

Mrs. Beth and Whitlee made rainbow cupcakes for us last night. THANKS! YUM!

Last experience of the day… take some white icing.

Tint it blue and yellow

Put a little on each end of a graham cracker

Mix it. GREEN !

And eat…. yum – O!
What a way to end the day. Thanks Mrs Jody for helping out today and for taking great pictures ! I know the parents appreciate it.
Now, back to my conversation with G. I had to ask her, what color was the icing you put on the graham cracker? Did you mix it ? ( No, but I watched Rosanna ) What color did it change to ? ( (Green!) What did you do in circle time?( Read a book.) What was it about? ( St Patricks Day) Did you graph anything? ( Potatoes , I like french fries more ) Did you play a game?( Hot Potato but we didnt use one from the kitchen we used a toy one. ) Were the cupcakes special? ( Yes ) What did they look like? ( Rainblows Whit-a Lee made them !) Did you have a visitor today? ( She said Yes.. my answer is of course -licensing came on a day I was gone… but it went great! )
Reading about your child’s day not only increases your knowledge of how they are learning but it increases your child’s ability to communicate and expand their vocabulary. If you dont have a resource like this , chances are you wont know what questions to ask and will think we have spaghetti every day and just play..
Thanks for reading…


  1. Linda

    I am so sorry to hear about your mom, bless your heart, as not only are you still suffering the loss of your dad, but now you are taking care of your precious mom, life can be difficult prayers and thoughts are with you Ms. Debbie.

  2. A Little This, A Little That...But Oh So Me!

    I'm happy to hear your mom is getting better and I wish you and your family all the best during the fight for her health. Also, just so you know I admire your strength and dedication not only to your family and career but everything you do in life! Hope the days start to get easier!

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