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Shades of Green

Published on March 12, 2010 under colors


Today we concentrated on GREEN. Since most of the children can recognize green, I took it a step further to shades of green. After doing an emergent reader book , we set out to discover what would happen if we took green and mixed in a little white. We found out the result was LIGHT GREEN. Then, we took a little black and mixed with the green – DARK GREEN. Then I just let them sit and experiment with the colors to see what they would get. We used the terms lighter and darker a lot. When we came to circle time in our GREEN room, we looked for things that were green and talked about whether they were light or dark. It was interesting to me when I asked what would happen if we mixed the black in almost all the children said it would make gray. I guess they remember the color mixing experiment with black and white. After the activity we discussed that if we are in the art center and the color we want is not there, how easy it would be to get a bowl and mix what we want. When I toured River Field Country Day School in Tulsa, a reggio school, I loved the little paint jars all around the room with varying shades of colors. It’s all about … thinking outside the box.

Katie was so proud !” Look Mrs. Debbie, I made a pattern! “
Jaxson made this STOP sign all by himself and walked around using it on people. 🙂
It was a good day!
On Wednesday we will have our annual Leprechaun Hunt. We may even end it with a picnic at the park. If you would like to come with us, please let me know. There is a lot of walking involved ( that is a smart little leprechaun) and the more hands we have the better. Have a great weekend and thanks for letting your little elves hang out with me all day.


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