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Welcome winter

Published on January 6, 2010 under parent involvement


We started off our day making a little something for the birds. I had cut out the word WELCOME on poster board and the kids help me string it and cover each letter with glue. Then we proceeded to make a yummy welcome sign for the birds that visit our play ground and might be a little hungry. We talked about how the snow covers much of the seeds and little plants they would normally eat. Then.. we went outside to hang it up. We found HUGE icicles hanging on the house that Randy broke off for our sheer enjoyment. While we were out there we checked out the thermometer. I asked Jaxson what the thermometer said and he replied ” cold.” He was right! We also put three cups of water outside ( green) to see what would happen to it. Some of the guesses were:
The birds would drink it. ( Likely answer since we just put out food !)
It would fall.
It would freeze. We will check it after nap time to see what has happened since we put it out.

Some of our friends returned their take home project today. See the great snowmen we have hung on the wall. If you haven’t brought yours yet… you can bring it all week. I took a close up of Jaxson’s snowmans arms. He is holding a guitar and check out the muscles ( marshmallows)
When you think kids arent listening or learning… or that they might be too young – think again. Look at Rosanna’s rectangle she made on the table with the music instruments. She was sitting next to me. I went upstairs to grab something and came back to find this nice surprise.


  1. Michelle

    Oh Ms Debbie!! How adorable!! My in-laws had a little Maltese like Fred and she was the best thing that could have happened to them. I think Fred will bring your preschool so much joy… my Shea & Ruby have given my little ones such joy, fun & most of all responsiblity. Good Luck and Fred is soooo lucky to have found you!!

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