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Play date

Published on January 7, 2010 under Uncategorized

>When we got up today we knew there was a huge chance we would have no children. The streets are a little icy and school is out. ( This would be a great time to remind you how much I LOVE working at home… )

Jaden came in around 8:00 and since there was no one else here she went to visit her grandpa.
Then here comes GG, ( Geneviette ) the grand daughter. She was really excited to get here and see that she was the only one.
She was even MORE excited when I said, ” I see Rosanna’s car !” She yelled ” ROSANNA” and went running. I guess short kids are more fun to play with than we are.
Geneviette and Rosanna have had a fun day. Randy cooked them a special late breakfast which included fried bacon. Yum. They loved it. They played kitty cat and puppy dog and mommy and daughter all over the house. They even played in the livingroom – which is a new play area for Rosanna. I could tell she was a little unsure. Rosanna even sat in “Poppy Randy’s” lap (This is what Rosanna calls Randy !) and watched a cartoon.
Lots of bonding and fun going on today.
We finally got them to lay down and rest around 1:30. Why is it that it is easier to get 16 children to lay down to sleep than 2 ?) They are laying together ( not the required 3 ft apart ) and watching a cartoon as they sleep ( another big no no !) Today was not a day for rules , it was a day for fun – like the old days. Anyone want to make bets on whether they actually sleep.
I bet not.. but that is ok.
Rosanna and G have enjoyed each other today and I have enjoyed watching it all.


  1. Michelle

    Oh Debbie… I can honestly say my heart swelled for you. Happily and Sadly. What you must have felt when you heard this womens daughters name. As you said, it was meant to be. I agree, this isn't the last you will see of Fred. Wishing you Health, Happiness & many Blessings this New Year!!

  2. Bev

    Aaawwwww, Debbie…I was sobbing so hard that I couldn't even comment the first time I read this. Things like this aren't just a coincidence. Happy New Year! Have a wonderful year! And thank you for being such an inspiration to us…in so many ways.

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