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Fireplace anyone?

Published on January 5, 2010 under Winter


We decided
since it was so cold outside today to make a fire place for the dress up room. The kids worked hard on it. They tore red, yellow and orange crepe paper to make the fire. When we were finished
Whitlee wanted to know what we were going to make the logs out of. The kids brainstormed and came up with the newspaper that they had just seen Mr. Randy bring in. They rolled the papers and painted them brown. They should be ready tomorrow to add to our fire place.
Today Jessica and Clara brought us in
salt dough alphabet pieces! Aren’t the
beautiful? Thanks girls.. I love them! Whitlee was quick to play with them and say ” Look Ms Debbie

Quick trip!” Look at her letters. Most of her family lives in Oklahoma where they have QT or Quick trip gas stations!

We tried salad

spinner art today!

Rosanna was a little apprehensive after being gone so long for Christmas vacation, but look at that smile minutes later!


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