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Back At Last

Published on January 11, 2010 under Winter


Back at Last – I know that is how a lot of you are feeling right now as you enjoy that quiet , peaceful solitude at home ( Well, maybe not Ellen since Anna was not here today! ) I too, am so glad we are back at last. I missed my little buddies and their insight into the world. You know, it is refreshing to watch a child as they do something for the first time or ask a question about something that we take for granted. And whether I like it or not, I am a routine person. Like a four year old I like to know ” what comes next” and our days are pretty mapped out during preschool.

Today we talked more about winter. We brought in our little cups of green water to see what had happened to them. The ice that had formed was already beginning to melt but we did get to see the ice. The large one had the biggest piece of ice!

Dillion …. who needs manipulatives when you can strengthen
those fine motor skills with rocks. !

It took Rosanna a while today to warm up but when she did… look at that grin!

Randy explaining 45’s to the kids.

Writing on the marker board Randy attached to the fence.

Do you think they will find us in here?

Outside play and working on those gross motor skills! ( large muscle )

More large muscle work shoveling rocks.

Whitlee enjoying the bouncie ball.

The warm up made the kids want to spring clean their play house.

Clara, the musician
Some other experiences we had today were snowflake matching, fake snow in the sensory table and a game of Eric Carles 1,2,3.


  1. Beth Knight

    So glad you had a good day! Whitlee talked all afternoon about the snow walk. She asked if we could make snow ice cream, but I think all our snow has been "tainted" shall we say…

  2. Sheryl

    I wish we had been in school last week when we had snow. It would be so much fun to have a snow walk. Then again, everything shuts down here when it snows, so class probably would've been canceled!

  3. Bev

    Awwwww…I miss having that little bit of snow! We had a blizzard over Christmas and got 26 more inches of snow – we are up to about 30 inches, with more on the way as another storm is coming in tonight. We have big drifts and piles and it's really hard for the really little ones to play.

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