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Curriculum Blog Hopping

Published on August 5, 2009 under Curriculum

>A friend sent me an email about a NOT Back TO School Blog Hop and I thought it would be fun. Each week we will explore different things. This week is CURRICULUM!

So hold on to your britches as I try to explain what I plan to do.

I think first it would be best to state two things:

I am a home preschool that is state funded. ( Lucky I know!) We have certain guidelines to meet including using ” approved ” curriculum.

I havent quite grown into what kind of teacher I want to be yet. I have finally been rescued from the idea that 3- 5 year olds need school- type structure and ” the importance of getting them ready for school” through worksheets , flashcards , etc… I believe that children learn best through play. I believe that a child that is given a safe, loving , positive and intent play experience, will learn far more and be more socially and emotionally ” ready” for the world of academia .

So… how to I blend those two important elements of my curriculum building?

One… the state has a free preschool curriculum that is based much on literacy. It is called Adventures in Learning. I use that as my foundation for my ” plans for the week”. On that I build.

This past spring I toured a Reggio Amelia School and I SO want to be ” that”. 🙂
But I just cant grasp the whole concept. I also LOVE the Montessori ways of teaching in their practical life experiences. I would much rather a child develop their fine motor skills spooning beautiful sparkly beads from one tiny cup to another than the old ” trace this line” business.

So… my curriculum this year will be a mixture of several styles. But the bottom line is – I want my kids to feel safe. I want them to gain confindence in what they say and do. I want them to smile and giggle and play… like 3 , 4 and 5 year olds should do.

And somewhere

In the middle of that,

It is my job

As the teacher

to expose them and teach them so they will be on target with all those kids who are sitting miserably at a table listening to a teacher who hates her job hold a alphabet chart and chant A is for Apple . AAA over and over to them.

At my house we will be cutting an apple, cooking an apple, painting with an apple, reading a book about apples , tossing apples , tasting an apple and sharing an apple.

I love my job.


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