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Getting Ready For The New Year

Published on July 25, 2009 under Goals

>The ten week summer session is over and Beth did a wonderful job while i was gone. I learned so much about her and about myself over the summer. I will start with her….

A. She is very witty and quick. I like that!
B. She is a paranoid freak… made my summer a little easier. I mean, someone that was not paranoid might not have been as particular.
C. She loves kids and has a way of talking to the them that i appreciate This is something you cant ” teach” a caregiver, it is there…. or not. Thankfully for me and the kids, it was!
D. She thinks Randy is a doll. Makes me feel good. If I ever decide to make a change in my life, I know he will have a safe place to go.

I learned that I can let go.. and it will be ok.

I owe that to Beth.. thanks girl, I needed that lesson!

Now , on to fall planning! I am so excited for the school year . We will start off the year with a Royal Welcome. Much of our first two weeks will be ” themed” ( if you will allow me to say that…) We will have out princess and knight costumes and read fairy tales. The better part of the two weeks is spent getting to know each other and our routines we have. All of my slots are full. It looks like we will have 10 girls and 6 boys .

I have decided for the fall semester to not take any college classes. I am taking some time to get my life chaos free for a while. For the past few years I have felt like I worked on “something” from the time I got up until I went to bed and then the list kept turning in my head. I am sure the list will still be there but it will be a little shorter. I am excited about the possibilities of enjoying my kids all day and then sitting on my porch and listening to the crickets chirp at night. Oh.. I will still be in and teach trainings, there is a little state wide association that state is backing me to get started for family childcare homes and then there is planning our music tour for next summer, but it all… will….. be … at … a … slower…. pace….

Some school related goals this year!

I hope to have parent workshops once a month. I want to collaborate with the other programs in town to do this so I dont feel all the pressure. I think it will work. The first one is scheduled for the first Thursday in Sept. ” What is DAP teaching?” Oh… I cant wait!

I have asked the school down the street to allow us to visit twice a month for ” buddy reading”. I think this will be great for our kids and for the older ones reading to them.

WORKBOXES. I want to use these for my kids… anyone know how to get started? The original workbox lady says 12 boxes for each child ( a homeschool concept ) . I obviously cant do that with 16 kiddos… hmm..

Those are my major projects.
I am too excited about the new year. I have started a stock pile of new ” elements of wonder” to add to my classroom in the dining room . I cant wait to get started!


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