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Wet Wednesday!

Published on June 24, 2009 under Uncategorized

>It is hot out there…and we all are glad today was Wednesday! We all looked forward to getting outside so we could get wet and have fun!

We started our day in centers. I put out some new dinosaur wipe off boards that I bought last night. They show all sorts of types of dinosaurs and then give the children a grid to draw dinosaurs and create their own. We also played with dinosaurs and the playdough, and got creative in the art center with the colored tape. We made art on paper, bracelets, and all kinds of other things with the tape.

In circle time, we had a good time classifying dinosaurs into different categories. We used pictures of different dinosaurs and the white board to put each dinosaur in the proper column (large or small, carnivore or herbivore, land or air). The children did really well. After we classified the carnivores and herbivores, we looked up the specific dinosaurs in our non-fiction books to see if we could prove what we thought. We learned this is called “research” and we became researchers! We spoke about what dinosaurs eat and where they find food. We learned that they couldn’t be too picky about what they ate, and their wasn’t much variety. We also learned that carnivores and herbivores had different teeth to help them eat either plants or meat.

After lunch it was finally time to go outside. Sadly, we found a dead bird on the playground. While I think any other day we would have been all over that poor bird, the kids breezed past it on their way to the lawn. They knew what time it was! We did the sprinkler for about 10 minutes while I got the new slip & slide going. They did so good with it. They made a line, took turns, and cheered for one another as they tried to figure out how in the world to slide from one end to the other. They had a great time. Some of them got the hang of it, while others tended to run and flop on it, thus staying put until they wriggled all the way down to the other end. One child crawled like a kitty cat from one end to the other, and we all meowed while she did. To each his own, and I think the whole point was just to get wet. It was fun. After all that, we ate popsicles too! I asked what water activity we should do next week, and they voted for a encore of the slip & slide. I guess it’s a keeper!


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