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Mud Pies

Published on June 23, 2009 under Uncategorized

>Today we tried to beat the heat…literally. I think we may have won. We went outside at 8:30, right after breakfast. They children really played well, and we ended up staying out longer because we were having so much fun. Somehow while playing in the water table one of the children decided to make “pudding” with some dirt and water. Well, that was all it took. We were concocting all sorts of goodies: cake, soup, all sorts of things. Then some of the children busied themselves by using the various kitchen pots and pans and containers to transfer water from the water tub across the yard to a waiting tug boat. When it got full, they would dump the boat back in the water tub and begin again. They did this for a long time. These kids love to play in the water, and are quick to tell ya. Jaden had not said two words to me this morning before she said “Tomorrow’s Wednesdaaaaaaay…”. Wet Wednesday. Tomorrow. Be there or be square.

we came in to play in centers and cool off for a bit. I had 6 kids today, and all of them played together for a long while making the dress-up room into a pirate ship. They put the table and chairs in front of the doorway to blockade any intruders. I would walk by and stick my head in and tease them with a random “Ahoy!” or “Argh!” and they would giggle histerically. It was cute. Before long the pirate ship must’ve sunk because I had two giggling children shrieking towards me to show off their fancy dresses. It was Adam and Jaxson. They thought it was so funny, but I reacted just as I would if it were a girl. “Ooooh, are you going to a party? You look b-e-a-utiful!” They kept them on for a long time, I even saw Adam in the listening center with a bright pink taffeta dress and headphones on. I love it when little boys dress up and explore in the dramatic play center.

In circle time, we re-read our newest dinosaur poem, and recited the poem and song from last week. They have those down pat, and I hear them singing them all around while they are playing. In fact Whitlee was singing the song at home last night. Well, singing is a loose term. She was really just repeating the same line over, and over, and over…but hey, at least she know what “extinct” means! We talked about how dinosaurs are hatched from eggs and drew their life cycle on the dry erase board. Then we learned a new song from the Dr. Jean C.D., “Dinosaur Boogie” They really enjoyed stomping, bouncing, and roar-ing right along with the music. We will do it many more times I am sure.

Don’t forget about Wet Wednesday tomorrow…it’ll be a hot one and playing in the water will be just what we need!


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