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Published on June 25, 2009 under Uncategorized

>I think I have officially changed our schedule. It is just too hot to go outside after lunch. We are now going out right after breakfast. The kids really enjoy going out at that time of day, and today is the second day I have done it this way. The sun is not too blazing, and it is still somewhat “cool”, if you could use that words these days. We played outside this morning and had another fun time making mud pies. They were carring their pots of mud all over the playground. Then Adam, Jaden, Jaxson, and Whitlee went on a worm hunt. Apparently there are good worms and bad worms. I never knew this. Bad worms are white and short. Hmmm… Adam found a roly poly and it made his day. He was so excited. We found a beehive in the playhouse…yikes! I sprayed it down with the bug spray and they were really wanting to explore the hive. I wonder if it is ever safe to do that. Don’t worry, I won’t be the one to let your child do it, just wondering about it.

We came in and worked on some of our dinosaur projects. We made a class book called : “If I Were A Dinosaur”. Each child got to pick whatever dinosaur they wanted to be, and write down what they would eat and what they would see. They had a great time comparing and reading one another’s stories. I am going to make a cover for it and put it in the book area so they can see it whenever that want. Then we pretended to be paleontologists and write about the dinosaurs we had discovered. They got alot of writing practice today! We also had the choice to work on our dinosaur books we began yesterday, and worked on phonological awareness and the letter “/h/”. In circletime we compared and contrasted the environment the dinosaurs lived in and the environment we live in. Busy, busy day… who said summer days were lazy?

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