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Summer is offically here!

Published on June 22, 2009 under Uncategorized

>Today was a really good Monday…again I only had 5 children here, so it was still quiet but we still had fun. We are continuing in with our dinosaur theme this week, and we are really enjoying it. We read non-fiction book today in circle time that told us a lot about the dinosaurs and what life was like for them. We also read a follow-up to the book we read last week, The Littlest Dinosaur. We also got out the beanbags and did three songs off of the Bean Bag Rock & Roll C.D. That was a lot of fun and something different for us to do in circle time, to change it up a bit. We discussed what we did over the weekend, and I think we all went swimming somewhere! That’s how we know it is SUMMERTIME!

We used dried pinto beans and lentils to glue onto dinosaur shapes to create mosaics. They turned out really well. We also had out our dinosaur stampers and ink pads as well as small dinosaurs to sort and classify in a muffin tin. More dino fun tomorrow!


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