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Published on June 26, 2009 under Uncategorized

>Today we wrapped up our dinosaur unit with one of my favorite all-time science projects…the baking soda/vinegar volcano! I took pictures of it, and will try to upload them this evening to this post. I did not tell the children what would happen, but asked them to guess. Almost every one of them thought when we poured the vinegar into the volcano dinosaurs would grow. They loves watching the “lava” ooze all over the volcano and all the little dinosaur figures and plants that were in the plastic box. We used a WHOLE bottle of vinegar pouring it over and over, making the volcano erupt more and more. We were missing a few friends today, so I think we may do this again Monday. It was great.
In circle time, we sang did the dinosaur stomp off of the Dr. Jean CD, and sang our dinosaur songs and recited our dinosaur poem. We charted again our favorite dinosaur by writing our name in the column of our choice. During center time, we took turns going from friend to friend to allow them to put a sticker under their favorite dinosaur on our own dinosaur charts. They really like having their own chart instead of one for the whole class. We discussed what would happen if dinosaurs came back, and we thought it would be interesting, but they may be too big for our town.


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