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Published on May 13, 2009 under Uncategorized

>This weather is driving my sinus’ crazy and I think I am getting a cold.  I know – whine whine whine. This is not the time of year that I need to get sick. Just two more days and a program and I can rest.  

The exciting news today involved a bird that was found dead in the yard. The kids all crowded around to look at it.  My camera battery is dead so I didn’t get a shot, but it was cool. A video would have even been better so you could hear their conversations. This was a baby bird that evidentially wasn’t ready to be kicked out of the nest.  He hardly had any feathers.  The kids were all discussing how they thought he died. One child even suggested that he didn’t die , he was just being VERY STILL.   Times like these are priceless as you see their little minds going a hundred miles an hour trying to make sense of the world. 
We had 5 friends out today. It was a little quiet… almost eery.  
Everyone got those green shirts for our program washed and ready?


  1. Ms Debbie

    AAww… Here I sit in my hotel room all alone in Jonesboro, teary eyed. Isnt she great? I mean, I am giving her the keys to my house this summer, a debit card for groceries and the children I LOVE, but I am also giving her my blog for 10 weeks. . Beth this post is PERFECT! I am so excited to have you fill in for me this summer. I expect great things ! Thanks for being you.

  2. Deanna

    Okay in my defense….the reason she says this is because we are having a tough time getting her to bed at night for some reason. I always say “I’m so tired, Katie, I can’t WAIT to go to bed..” Truth be told, i HATED to go to bed at night when i was a kid. I would hear Johnny Carson talking, and sneak out and sit behind the couch and watch without my parents knowing. shhhh-

  3. Jessica

    Elliot has said quite often “we had a visitor today!” and Clara promptly answers, VERY matter-of factly “ms gworia and ms beff.” I think Elliot means the quality inspectors and the observers, but Clara thinks of her new teachers. 🙂 It is cute.

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