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Lets go outside!

Published on May 12, 2009 under Uncategorized


This morning just felt like a day to be outside to me.   When I woke up the birds were chirping and the wind was blowing a slight breeze.   I used to meet the kids outside all the time, but in trying to stay on me ” quality schedule” I have not done that in a while.   What is quality? For today – it is watching the kids be kids. Do you remember going outside and spending hours?  There are so many things go on outside when children have time to explore. 

This morning we had  breakfast outside on the porch. I brought out quiche, bananas and milk on a tray. The kids sat in the white wicker furniture or the edge of the porch to eat.   They seemed to like  the quiche.  Even Gavin said ” YUM!”
I think I have decided we  have decided to spend the day out here.   Here is what I see and hear.
Hoppy ball races on the front lawn … remember those?
Sharae playing house and sweeping out the playhouse.
A cake pan filled with dirt and mulberries – a birthday cake.
A game of Bocce.
“Go Amelia Go Go Amelia Go!”
Katie used a board to build a bridge across the trellis benches. 
” Ms Debbie is base!”  
Geneviette playing fireman with the firetruck and garden hose.
Have I said recently… I love my job.
I wrote that and saved it as a draft  while I was sitting outside and planned to add the pictures during nap time.  THEN… one of the children screamed. I looked up and here comes one of my friends with blood running down her nose- from her head.  Another friend had gotten frustrated and hit her with a toy.  So, sent her to the ER and I am now waiting to see how many stitches she received.  Very seldom do I do this ( maybe 3 times in 20 years) but I sent the other little girl home to spend time with mom.   I think she needed a little more than “redirection”. When she left for the rest of the afternoon, I got on my knees and reminded her that I loved her and that I was not angry with her.  Man… that got me.  I love these kids so much.  With tears streaming I watched her go out the door. I guess in my heart I knew that she would be having a serious conversation with her daddy. I remember what those “needed” conversations were like with my own kids- so it broke my heart.  Sometimes it is hard to be a good parent and teacher… 
So much for the birds chirping today.


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