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Coke Rocket

Published on May 14, 2009 under Uncategorized


Today we had fun celebrating that this was our next to last day in school. We have been talking a lot about what kindergarten will be like and the friends who will be leaving.  Leaving is hard.. even when you are 4 and excited about a new classroom.  We read the book – If you take a Mouse to School. The kids enjoyed it and thought it was a “cool” booK. 

   If you are wondering whether your child is ready or not, here are some published guidelines.

There is a wide difference in the development of children entering kindergarten. Some children will be bigger than others, some will be sociable, some shy. Some will be reading, others will not be able to write their name. Whatever your child’s stage of development, there are some guidelines on readiness for kindergarten.

Children are usually ready for kindergarten if they can:

  • leave their parents without too much difficulty
  • go to the bathroom alone
  • play well with and respect other children
  • follow simple directions and rules
  • resolve some conflicts with classmates without needing the teacher
  • work independently for at least five minutes
  • sit and listen to a story for ten minutes
  • talk in complete sentences
I think we are all there!  I am so excited to see the kids grow more and learn. Ms Gloria came over to visit today and she said ” How do you let them go, don’t you get so attached to them?”  Of course I  do. 

I will miss-
Elliots sense of imagination AND  his stories SO  much.
Amelia’s hugs and helpfulness
Halle’s burst of songs with the guitar
Rosies constant reassurance that she loves me
Katie’s bright sparking eyes every morning
Mykah’s eagerness to learn
Bostons boyish grin that makes you wonder if he tied your shoe laces together
Christians’s quiet sweet spirit
Adam’s enthusiasm to be a leader
Gavin’s singing to the top of his lungs

But.. I love them enough to be excited about them leaving and learning SO MUCH MORE!

One fun thing we did today was a coke rocket experiment!  The kids LOVE IT! Look at their faces!


  1. Jessica

    Elliot brought that feather home and wanted to write with “REAL INK” and so I made some “real” ink with 3 drops of blue food coloring, 3 drops of green, and 3 drops of water. It worked GREAT!! See his masterpiece!

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