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Precious Crap-tivities

Published on December 3, 2019 under Winter

So you guys know how I feel about teacher directed art for this age group. But there’s one time a year that I ditch my personal beliefs for the good of mankind. Each year as I set up my Christmas tree the most precious ornaments I have are those made by my kids and grandkids when they were preschoolers. As I put them on the tree I am reminded how special they are to me even if they are an activity that I initiate and help with. Now with that said, the children do their own ornaments and if that turns out a little funky then that just adds to the power of preciousness they have. 😜

So today we started the annual tradition we have of dumping Debbie’s philosophy and creating memories that will hang on your tree for hopefully a lifetime.

We will send these home on December 20 in one container so that they are preserved and not lost in the floorboards of your car.

First up snowflakes. It’s a two-step process. Today they put a layer of white paint -by the end of the week we will embellish to make them beautiful.


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