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Power of Perception

Published on November 20, 2019 under Winter

When Holly called in this morning I thought … this can be bad or this can be great. I chose great ! Immediately I began thinking of all the things that will make my day more calm and productive. Some teachers automatically think more control. I go the other direction. As I the day started I began to use the tools that 30 years experience and tons of professional development give you.

We made sure everything was ready . Randy had breakfast ready. As the children finished eating they joined me reading a book on the carpet. The first thing we did was talk about Ms Holly being out. I said ” I’ll need help .” As I looked up there stood Savanna. “Savanna , can you be Ms Holly today ?” Her eyes got big and she said “yes.”

Savanna wore an apron just like we do. She was calm and helpful.

During family time she sat in the chair where Ms Holly sits and listened. One of the kids tried to talk to her and she quietly reminded them to ” shhh. Later.”

When we went outside she helped us get in the gate safe as well as make sure we all made it back out.

She helped when belts needed closed

Don’t worry – there was still time for play

Others were helpful throughout the day too

( Scarlett helping a friend breathe.)

Other tips :

During bathroom breaks we did art which I had set our earlier when a child had to go to the bathroom and randy was outside. Also — Mats got put out earlier.

Each child went to the kitchen to get their own plate.

When it was rest time I played the hamster dance song and we raced to see who could get on their mat and covered up before the music stopped

Brilliant ? No

I failed a lot of days a lot of times before I realized what makes a potentially tough day a good day. It all started with a choice this morning to use my power of perception- I chose to see all the wonderful opportunities in the day to make it easier and joyful for all of us. How’s your power of perception today ?


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