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Published on November 5, 2019 under Winter

Today is random Debbie. I started the morning by taking the books out of our book rack next to our family time area. Many times throughout the week looks migrate there they don’t really belong there. As I sorted them into stacks I paid attention to categories. I put all the music books together and I put on the science books together. I put the fiction books together. Hazel decided to help me and she said this one belongs here doesn’t it? I quickly realized that she was sorting in her own way as well. She was sorting hardback books.

But here’s a pro tip. If there are toys or materials in your home the children seem to avoid or do not engage with any longer just start cleaning or sorting them and it will automatically be their newest obsession.

We took a walk today looking for signs of fall again. We found beautiful trees that have orange leaves.

But the most fun was finding a tree that had fallen during the storm. We probably could have spent hours there without the children getting bored. They climbed , they ran, they hid and they jumped, They had so much fun. Exploring like this helps us see what’s underneath the tree that we really never get a chance to see.

Exploring like this gives us a chance to be taller than our teacher. Exploring like this gives us a chance to think about how to get down after we’ve climbed so high.

It was a really good day. The weather was wonderful as the children watched Randy continue to clean the front yard. We are trying to get the tree moved so the fence can be repaired before filming next week 😳



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