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Beauty in Nature

Published on November 4, 2019 under Winter

Natural beauty can be seen everywhere. White fluffy clouds float above the yard, spiders web flutter in the wind, and the moon sometimes graces the daytime sky. Just the other day one of the children pointed high and said ” look it’s the moon!”

Short nature walks give children a chance to observe the wonders of our natural world. At school, we plan nature walks to listen for environmental sounds or to look at the color of changing leaves. We also take advantage of every day opportunities such as exploring puddles after rain shower.

As a child I remember catching fireflies, smelling honeysuckle, and tossing stones into a creek. Noticing natures wonders helps children become more observant and respectful in the world around them and helps build a respect for the world around them.

From time to time, draw children’s attention to things they may not notice. Point out different rocks . Collect leaves of various kinds. Discuss the similarities and differences in flowers. Talk about what the squirrel eats or where the Robin lives.

When discovery leads to another. We adults have much to learn from the natural curiosity of children.  


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