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Wonderful ,Wet Water

Published on September 19, 2019 under Winter

Today is dress/talk like a pirate day. Many of our friends showed up in pirate attire.

Some of the children used a blue tarp in the yard as water and built a pirate ship on top.

Others used natural materials to make a sword.

Outside we write a book about pirates

And then we went on a Treasure hunt for gold

X marks the spot ! ( Well, that’s one of 26 letters we should know through play . 🤷🏻‍♀️)

We worked together to find the part loot and looked in many places.

Finally it was found and we all shared .

But what is a pirate day without water.

The children are at the water container pouring water back-and-forth between two containers. They watch as the water overflows and runs down the side. They feel the cool liquid against their skin and listen to the sound of the water as it moves.

They observe the containers that float and those that sink, and try to get the one that is heavier to float. They are exploring, discovering, and testing objects in the water.

Children, and adults as well, are naturally drawn to water. Water is comforting and soothing. The feel and sounds are pleasing. The natural attraction makes the water a perfect activity for every school classroom.

Just think of all the learning that goes on! Children experiment with cause-and-effect, refine problem-solving skills, and learning with basic math concepts such as volume, measuring, and comparing.

As your child takes a bath, encourage water play by adding different sizes of containers to fill or empty or different household objects that will sink or float. Colanders and other objects with holes are sure to create some interesting challenges. As your child and you explore the materials, talk about your discoveries together. Extend the learning by asking questions such as ” what would happen if …-?” Or ” how does the water feel? ” “What do you think happened?”

More opportunities for home water play include watering plants, adding water to the sandbox, blowing bubbles through a variety of frames, and freezing or melting water.

We have access to water daily through a rain barrel.

But would it really be pirate day if we didn’t walk the plank ?


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