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Published on September 20, 2019 under Winter

The motor skill required for writing begin when your baby first grasped a rattle.It takes a lot of practice for fine motor control to develop. By the time your child was two , holding a marker with her whole hand was possible.

Throughout the preschool years, children need frequent opportunities to work with an assortment of writing materials. Because the child’s control of the small hand muscles is not yet completely formed large blank services for drawing are very important. We try to offer several choices of white and colored paper, construction paper, and cardboard.

We provide markers, mini markers, crayons, pencils, colored pencils, paints, and chalk – as many choices as we can. Variety keeps children experimenting with different writing tools and combinations of paper

Not all experiences need to be on paper, however chunky pieces of chalk for drawing on the sidewalk are A fun tool to use.

To encourage children to write, we always have paper and markers available. We are glad to see the children not only use them to draw but also put them to use so many other ways from labeling ablock structure to taking restaurant orders.


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