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Everybody Needs a Rock

Published on September 13, 2019 under Winter

I have had reading the book “Everybody Needs a Rock ”

on our lesson plans for a few days. It just never seemed to work out. Today it did! Everybody needs a rock is a really cool book it’s especially cool if you’re a kid and you love rocks.

The book gives 10 rules for hunting rocks and they are wonderful and amazing rules. Rules like ” your rock needs to be not as large as an apple and definitely not as large as a horse because it won’t fit in your pocket.”

After reading this special book of course we needed to go on a rock hunt.

Reading books like this increase vocabulary with children. One of the rules was ” the rock should be found on a mountain or in an alley.” Do we have a mountain? Of course not- but we do have an alley !

The children loved hunting for their special Rock because well – everybody loves a rock.


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