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Published on September 16, 2019 under Winter

There are three types of consequences: natural, logical, and problem-solving:

Natural consequences require no adult planning or control. Natural consequences tend to be the most powerful motivator for children to learn a new skill. An example of a natural consequence would be a child refuses to put their coat on to go outside. When they get outside they are cold. Oops.

Then there are logical consequences. Logical consequences are pre-arranged by adults and motivate children to use the skills they already have . A good scenario to explain this one is -a child is in the locker room and he throws blocks and you say you may build with blocks. You give two warnings and they continue to throw blocks. Next you say “you may build with blocks or you will have to go to another center to play and leave the blocks.” Blocks get thrown and the child is told to leave the block area.

There also problem-solving consequences which is a more formal type of consequence. Usually this happens as a group when the teacher says ” hey let’s all sit down and talk . There are some things that are going wrong. What can we do to change this ?”

” Conscious discipline teaches us that we cannot change a child’s behavior by punishing them for lacking skills they’ve never been taught. We can’t force a disconnected child to care using punishments and rewards. And we can’t teach children responsibility by demanding or threatening them into admitting their mistakes . ”

” We teach responsibility by creating the safety and connection needed for children to take ownership, reflect, and listen to the messages their feelings provide about their impact on the world. Only through this approach can we give consequences that motivate children to change their behavior.”

Why am I talking to you about this today? Today we experienced a logical consequence. Many of the children seemed tired and struggled with being safe. It just seem to be an off day. I told them several times if we continue to hurt our friends or continue not to listen we will not be able to go on the walk because it will not be safe. At family time Holly and I together decided that today would not be a great day to go on a walk. It would not be safe. We need to only leave our home when children are being responsible and listening.

We will try again Wednesday .


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