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Egg-stra exciting

Published on April 19, 2019 under Winter

I didn’t feel today was very exciting but Holly stoped by to get her check and savanna immediately yelled “Ms Holly where have you been ? You missed all the excitement. ” So here’s a rundown of our excitement for the day.

We used shaving cream and food coloring to marble/decorate eggs. They did not turn out as bright as I expected or the instruction pictures depicted but it was still fun and a great learning experience.

The kids played a game they made up called three marker challenge and then they posted clues with passwords to put on their cubbies.

There was also a little egg art.

When we got outside we saw all of the wonderful things are parents of been doing to help us fix up the outdoor area.

There also was a book that one of the boys requested and it just happened to be the real story of Easter. Imagine that.

Happy Easter preschool family.


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