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Spring !

Published on April 22, 2019 under Winter

Today it officially felt like spring outside from the time the children arrived until lunch it was wonderful, sunny , amazing, windy and perfect weather.

I took it vantage of the small muscles that I have around me to pull some weeds plant a few extra things in late March. The children were helpful and it looks really nice now

We also held our egg hunt. At first it was a little hard for the kids to understand the collaborative side of it but I think they finally got the hang. We had about 280 eggs and each child end up with 15 to 17 apiece. I would consider it a successful egg hunt.

We transitioned inside and looked at our chrysalis is and looked at our calendar to determine when we thought the butterflies would Emerge. We also talked about the possibility of having a butterfly release party.

The wonderful thing about watching the emerging interest of children is that pretty much whatever comes up I have materials for. Right now obviously they were thinking about planting things and insects, worms, and butterflies.

I pulled out my Eric Carle unit with the very hungry caterpillar and let them explore a few different things today from that box. They loved it

The caterpillar game looks like a fun game but it’s actually a fantastic fan motor teaching aid. The children use tongs to put little marbles on each of the caterpillar’s hands while he is moving.

Then of course we also saw random are being created from their interest in the butterfly habitat we have.


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