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Cakes and Caterpillars

Published on April 25, 2019 under Spring


Since we are having a butterfly release party tomorrow we decided a cake was necessary.  I mean, they also suggested tattoos and balloons and presents but I was able to pull them back to a cake and maybe a little face painting.


It was a busy day. When we reach this time of year the kids get a little crazy… no offense. They are just louder – everything is louder and they are excited about everything.  We have had  a few things broken here and there so I called them all down for a family meeting.   We talked about responsibility.  When I called them down Olivia said ” Oh yeah… its BIG NEWS.”  :). I think it is important to teach our kids its not OK just to break things or be careless with them. Its not about the money wasted on broken materials as much as it is just raising good humans that will be gentle and kind.  I am SUPER proud of one of our friends when we had a mirror broken today say” I think it was me.”  Children need to learn that we all mess up and its important when we do to own it.  SO , WAY TO GO FRIEND.. you are on your way to becoming a successful  little person.


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