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Butterfly Business

Published on April 24, 2019 under Winter

Today the excitement over our butterflies continued. We now have 6 beautiful painted ladies !

We played a butterfly dance song and flew around the room

Some kids made a proboscis out of straws and went around the room sucking nectar . That game quickly evolved to sucking blood. Your child may remember what the butterfly’s ” straw ” is. Ask them !

We looked at pictures of butterflies and talked about what symmetry means and then experimented with paint.

I saw some butterfly art .

We did get outside for a bit. It was damp and chilly but we needed to get some energy out. The rain had softened the ground so a few of the kids helped me weed part of our flower bed and plant a couple more plants.

And the health inspector came today. There were no pictures but if I had it round be the look of relief on Holly’s face that she came when I was here. 😬


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