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Published on January 21, 2019 under Winter

I am sure you have heard the buzz word STEM . And then it transformed into STEAM and then it transformed into STREAM Please watch the video below .


After seeing this video early this morning I decided to truly observe for those elements during our day. I know that they happen but I wanted to record them and gather data for one day to show you how these elements occur naturally in a play environment. It was quite a busy morning ( slime day ) so I didn’t get as much documentation as I would like but hopefully you’ll get the idea.



Lyndee told us she learned how to make slime on the internet. We used technology to look for ourselves.


You can tell when you walk in a room if the people in it have good relationships. There are smiles ,conversations , and a calm feeling. Now hear me say this – quiet and calm does not always signal a good relationship in a preschool classroom. Sometimes that is a product of fear and control. At Bright Beginnings good healthy relations between teachers and friends are what we strive for. Our foundation is built on resolving conflict and building brains and hearts equipped to be successful in our world .


( So funny comment here 🤷🏻‍♀️ When Lisa talked about – made fun of – tools and stem at a conference a couple months ago I suspect it was actually the conference I was in charge of. 😳 Marie from the AMAZEUM hosted this workshop which basically said for this age group tools is more appropriate then technology. You know kitchen gadgets for painting and hammers and screwdrivers and … 🙄 anyway —)




One to one correspondence while setting the table !

We also count a lot. Today we counted to 13 which was how many minutes we had until Lyndee arrived to make slime.

Hearing the explanation is one thing. Seeing it in real action is another ! I hope you understand now. So when you hear someone say “My child’s school is doing a STEM project .” Your reply can simply be ” Yeah. It’s amazing. My child does all the elements every day in a developmentally appropriate way. “


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