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Rhyme a Lime

Published on January 18, 2019 under Winter

Has your child been rhyming more at home ?

Nursery rhymes are verbal pictures for children and tells them stories . Nursery rhymes are a unique use of language. From an early age children love hearing them read.

The rhythm of rhymes provide children with the predictability that is important in their development and understanding of language and literacy . Nursery rhymes also help children develop auditory discrimination and provide pleasurable listening experience as it sounds, repetition, and imagery . Kids particularly love nonsense rhymes and the marvelous sounds of poets like Dr. Seuss and Mother Goose.

Raising phonemic awareness is a huge push in our kindergarten right now. I have tried introducing rhymes while playing games and singing songs. Today, we first guessed what the items might be in the magic box. Then we talked about what each object rhymes with

This is a fun game you can play at home too. Remember that when children learn to rhyme many times they use nonsense words that are not really a word — but as long as long as it rhymes they are showing you they understand. For the record be careful the words you choose – like don’t pick buck straight out of the gate 😳.


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