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Process vs Product

Published on December 3, 2018 under Winter

As adults, we are concerned with the outcome, with a product of our efforts. We want a report to look nice. We want the cookies to taste great. We participate in few activities just for the fun of doing them .

In part , this is because we already learned how to do most of these activities. But do you remember when you learned how to play softball or another hobby? Do you remember when you figured out how to use your new iPhone? In the beginning you needed to do a certain amount of “messing around.”

That is the way it is with your child. Kids are learning new things all the time. Allow them the time to “mess around ” with letters , numbers and art before you worry about the product.

Luckily, young children tend to be more involved with the process than they are with the end product or the results. That is why a child may draw all afternoon yet still not be able to tell you what he drew. And why one child can pour rice back-and-forth between containers all day long, and another will choose the same activity every day for a week.

It is hard for us as adults to look beyond the product and activity and see what the child is learning from the process. Perhaps he’s gaining coordination . Maybe he’s tuning his writing skills or making discoveries about triangles or gravity. He’s certainly finding out that doing for oneself is very satisfying – and that builds confidence.

Be patient. Allow your child the time to grow and learn through various processes that are part of tasks. Enjoy watching his or her involvement. Later we all can be proud of the product.

This reminded me of a concert Randy and I went to this weekend. We heard Siloam springs native Grady Nichols play the saxophone. He was amazing. He said when he was young his mom and dad mainly heard squeaks and irritating noises. He thanked them for allowing him to practice – to enjoy the process. Now , that saxophone is his livelihood.

One way we make calendars and counting relevant to children is by counting down to a special day. Today we started counting down to our Polar Express Pj Party. I think we will also know another letter in the next 18 days also. ❤️

Today didn’t even feel like a Monday. ❤️


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