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What is professionalism ?

Published on November 30, 2018 under Winter

Some of you might have caught on by now. I generally pick one day a week that no one is visiting and I have no where to be directly after school and I call it my grunge day. I roll out of bed late , I pull up my hair and wash my face , brush my teeth and throw on comfortable clothes and call it a win. I struggle with it because I feel I don’t look professional.

Today was that day for me. I even laughed at myself this morning. I got out of bed at 715 and at 720 the phone rang with a student from NWACC wanting to come visit. I laughed and said ” if only they saw me on days like this ..” fast forward to 915 and I am sorting a Christmas curriculum box and a head pokes at the door. There was a sweet lady on the other side. ” Hi , I’m Diana I had an appointment with Debbie today. I am from the Amazeum. I work with Marie. I am taking a psychology environments class and doing a study to compare homes settings vs center based settings.


Hi. I am Debbie. ( I might should have lied and said she was out for the day. Please come back .) I showed her around and we visited.

She joined us in family time.

She even stopped to read a book to a friend.

It was a good day for a visit. It was calm and the children were engaged.

I had just put out some new materials on the table. A miniature tree to decorate over and over with small pieces for fine motor practice.

An old mold for one to one correspondence.

Green cups for stacking ( stem!)

A Christmas sensory box.

Another metal tree for fine motor work.

The kids just did their thing. They are so used to visitors now that it’s not a disruption

We had other visitors too while we were outside . Thanks Ariah’s mom and Kinzlee’s grandma for coming to play .

One really great thing that happened today. Maybelle made a game. I was so impressed. If children were told where to go , what to do , not given extended periods of time to play and traced or colored in lines all day – this type of learning would be stifled.

Thankful for my job and the joy it brings.

So , maybe I didn’t look professional today but as I explained what we do and why I do it that way I felt professional.

Now , if I run into Diana anywhere else she won’t even know it’s me . 🤷🏻‍♀️


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