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Published on August 14, 2018 under Winter

One of my favorite stories to share with children is thunder cake. I try to find a rain storm during the year to pull it out for a group time . Who knew we would be rained in on our second day of school? We used the monitor near the sign in desk to do a book on video. The book is called thunder cake. Here is the link.


Thunder cake is a great book that prompts talk about the weather. We learned that we can be brave like the little girl in the story. It’s also a wonderful counting story. Were you ever taught to count after a thunder until you hear the lightning clap and the number that you get to is how many miles away the storm is? In the story the grandma and the little girl make a thunder cake while waiting for the storm to come. It had some interesting ingredients. Ask your Child what one really odd ingredient was that they used. They also were able to go out to the barn and get milk from a cow. Thankfully, we could just grab ours from the refrigerator. Everybody was able to help make the thunder cake. We did lots of counting just like in the story.

Then we got to eat our thunder cake. The leftover candies from our trail mix have been begging my attention for two days so I got the genius idea to add the candies on top of our thunder cake as a treat. Now, I am no longer tempted. 😂.

We did family time again today reinforcing the fact that the adults in the house are called safe keepers. We are here to keep them safe. Almost every ” rule” Or reason we give a child for doing something ultimately is to keep them safe. Example: One of the things that we are stressing during meal time is to put our feet on the floor under the table and we say ” belly to the table. “That way we have fewer children falling out of chairs and less milk spilled on the floor. Today we only had three 🤷🏻‍♀️.

It was another good day.


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