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First Day 2018/2019

Published on August 13, 2018 under Winter

I know how hard it is to let your littles go. I don’t take the trust you put in us lightly. Thank you. We are excited about the new year. We had several new friends join us .

And of course … a few returning silly faces.

We mainly worked on routines today. If we can get our routines in place the year will be easy peasy.

One routine was clearing our own plates. The kids empty what is left into the garbage and then take their plate upstairs to the kitchen sink where it can be washed . Children can do so much more than we give them credit for.

Another routine we talked about — ” children are never allowed to open the door to the driveway – even if mom is on the other side.” Only adults should open the door . It’s a safety issue . Please help us keep your children safe. The stop sign is there to remind us all .

We has our first family time. We practiced one of our calm down techniques. We did the big red balloon.

Red balloon example.

We also did the Pledge of Allegiance for the first time and wish you well routine.

We did a lot of hand washing. Here’s the correct way to wash hands .

1. Get hands wet

2. Soap

3.Lather for 20 seconds – the length of the ABC SONG

4 Rinse

5 Dry

There was painting today.

Ariah helped me decorate our wish you well dish ! She did an excellent job.

More art !

Worker bees.

Mud kitchen busy. Check out Jude and Leavie’s hands. 😍

And the drums … they were popular and loud.

We also did self portraits today. We do one each month. Watching their development as we collect these drawings each month is amazing.

It was a really really good day.


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