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The Napping House

Published on August 20, 2018 under Winter

Today has been a bit of a hectic one. As we waited for our last friends to arrive the USDA food program administrator for our area showed up for an unscheduled inspection. Wowsers… They really are nice people and just doing their job but meal times are the hardest time to not be 100% present with your kiddos. All went well with the exception of a couple forms that we seem to be missing.

During that time frame the team from Brandon Eye Center also arrived and started doing vision screenings. Early intervention is important. I think three of our friends are going to need further examination.

Today is also our first day to nap here. To make it somewhat more and we read the book “The Napping House “which is always a favorite. Your child have a copy in the cubby to bring home.

At this point everyone is at least quiet and there are no tears . The lullaby is playing and all is well.

Contrary to popular opinion – did you know that a child resting partway through the day helps them to go to sleep better at night? Sometimes when children miss naps their bodies are so wired and tired they cannot slow down. Of course this will take some adjustment to the new schedule but eventually afternoon and evening sleeping times should come if you easier for everyone. ❤️


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