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Last Half Day

Published on August 16, 2018 under Winter

I figured I better blog pretty quickly after the kids left today . This will be the last chance for me to take a nap and rest up for quite a while. Though we love it, half days are not put in place for us. We could already tell that the children were getting tired. Starting school on a new schedule is hard if you are not used to it. Half days allow us to ease into that longer schedule.

We spent the majority of the day outside. The children loved all of the rainwater that was left on the outdoor classroom. It was fun to watch them engage with water filled pans and muddy fingers and knees.

It has been a great week and we can already see that the children are settling into our space in the routine.

We are growing independence in many ways. The children clean up their mess if they drop their plate. The children get their own drink if they are thirsty. The children even attempt to clean up their bodies when they have had a full day outside

FYI. The menu changed out today. Randy cook a dinner for function last night and we had so much left over that we shared with the kids today. They have barbecue chicken sandwiches from cold chicken, salad with ranch dressing, and corn on the cob.

We also took some time to read the book how full is your bucket. This was a huge hit with the children last year as we talked about how being kind to others fills their bucket and ours . When we are not kind our buckets drip – or we dip . We want to be bucket fillers not bucket dippers.

Next week we will have full days and it’s going to be wonderful.


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