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Outdoor classroom

Published on May 9, 2018 under Winter

During this time of year after being cooped up during the cold days we tend to spend more time outside. Quality indicators would tell you that anything that should be available inside should also be available outside. Example: traditional school would say that most likely outside there’s not a lot of fine motor practice going on . Now I would beg to differ because picking up worms, bugs , tiny rocks , tearing leaves and using a tiny spoon to stir the pot of mud are also fine motor activities. But if you want to look at the traditional— look what happened today.

We did go inside and work on our puppet show a little.

Speaking of fine motor I don’t know if you have noticed that the paint is peeling in the bathroom. It has been done over the last few months but I never could figure out who the little paint peeler was. Today more paint was pulled. I asked them as a group and no one would take responsibility. Then I asked one by one each child and finally the tears came and she ( the paint peeler ) came to my arms and said ” it was me. ” I think teaching children to take responsibility and not being afraid to do that is a big deal. She did not get in trouble she got hugs. It was hard. I’m proud of her for doing what is right and telling the truth. This is not a kindergarten readiness skill but it certainly is a life skill that many people lack.

There’s always the one kid. ” But why did she pull the paint ? Maybe she doesn’t like Blue ? ” Holly and I both almost laughed out loud. Maybe …

All in a days work.


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