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A Little Bit of Magic

Published on May 15, 2018 under Winter

I know it probably seems all routine here and sometimes a lot like other places but I promise you it’s not.

Building relationships grows confidence. It’s not always easy and fun. Today we FaceTimed Molly. She did family time with us.

Each friend got a chance to hold the phone and talk to Molly.

For some of our friends it was hard.

“Molly , I miss you .”

But in our Preschool family we are flexible and can take time for important things.

Thanks Molly for making our day !

In our Preschool family our confidence doesn’t come from rote practice and drills – write this ten times , sing your abc’s or what color is this block ? First we build relationships and then the littles are willing to take the risks to accomplish all the academic skills that society says is kindergarten readiness. Like writing our friends name .

Exploring the art materials and stretching our imagination and find motor skills

Language and cooperation .

Yeah … some days it kinda feels like a little magic.


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